Users can virtually walk into the facility, view 360° around equipment, conduct detailed assessments, plan projects and analyse operational performance and risk. Measurements in the customers designated areas can be taken from photos selected with the click of a mouse, right off the computer screen. No training or special software is required.


Name: 360 PanoramicGuide
Description: APIteq visualization tools are based on unique 100 Megapixel, calibrated, 360° panoramic photos. Through the 360˚ PanoramicGuide system an unlimited number of user have access to a complete overview of the installation/asset with integrated menus/maps.

Name: 3D Measurement
Description: Through the 360˚ PanoramicGuide user can perform precise 3D measurements without any requirement for special software.

Name: VAM Visual Asset Management software
Description: Through the VAM software an unlimited number of 360 Panoramas, still photos, documents can be available through the same system.


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