Our new manufacturing facility employs state-of-the-art technology. Only the most sophisticated electronically controlled fusion welding and wrapping techniques are used to produce our wire-wrapped screens with a continuous slot aperture.


Name: W.O.P.-Wrapped on Pipe/ Wedge Wire Screens
Description: The all welded, wrap-on pipe screen process creates a tighter grip between the wire jacket and the base pipe along its entire length, thus increasing the collapse strength. This works great in wells of extreme length and torturous environments.

Name: Pre-Packed Screens
Description: Our Pre-Pack screens provide sand control in applications where gravel packing is not feasible. These screens incorporate two all-welded screen jackets attached to a perforated base pipe.

Name: ASW Mill Slotted Liners
Description: The ASW Slotted Liner (sometimes called a standalone screen or scab liner) is a robust and cost-effective solution that provides borehole stability and effective sand control in long horizontal completions and low productivity wells.

Press Releases

New product line
Exciting new product line: Mill Slotted Pipe. New state of the art machinery which will allow for a more cost efficient and faster way to manufacture Mill Slotted Pipe. This new slotted liner will offer extreme cost efficiency while still providing a robust solution with excellent borehoe stability and sand control. The slot size and pattern can be customized to fit customer specifications. This new product line will expand our business to whole new markets and provide an effective solution for customers' sand control problems.

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