Ambrell is a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions. Whether you need a solution for tube and pipe coating curing, drill pipe heat treatment, pre- and post-heating for welding, or tube and pipe bending, Ambrell can help. Ambrell has extensive experience with over 10,000 system installations across more than 50 countries.

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Ambrell Delivers Preheating Solution to Drill Bit Manufacturer
Ambrell, an Ameritherm company and a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, delivered an EKOHEAT 50kW induction heating system to a leading drill bit manufacturer. The system is being used to preheat the drill bit to temperature to enable brazing of the cutter inserts into the drill bit.

The client visited Ambrell’s Applications Lab for a free half-day of testing. During the application testing, the lab worked with the client and proved that Ambrell’s induction heating solution would be effective for the client. Based on the results of their testing, the client purchased the system and has since successfully implemented it into their facility.

The client previously used a torch to preheat the drill bit, but found induction saved considerable time, was more energy efficient, and introduced less heat into the work environment. Ambrell’s line of EKOHEAT induction heating systems offer power between 10 and 800kW, and their versatility and energy efficiency (with a power factor over 0.90) set them apart from the competition.

Ambrell has helped oil/gas companies with numerous applications, including pipe bending, pipe coating curing, drill pipe heat treatment and preheating drill bits for brazing. For additional details about Ambrell, call +1 (585) 889-9000 or visit


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