In 1982, Crystal Engineering Corporation, a part of AMETEK Inc., began with a simple idea: “Pressure is our Business.” Since then, our unswerving goal has been to help you succeed. Day after day, we work harder, so you can work better. Year after year, we strive to surpass your expectations Take a moment, and look closely. You will find a Crystal pressure measurement instrument is the best tool to help you get the job done. Value In fact, you may find a Crystal gauge, recorder or calibrator is the most valuable tool you have ever owned — and for good reason One Crystal product often does the work of three to five other devices—replacing your data logger, your chart recorder, multiple test gauges, even a deadweight tester. With lower ongoing costs for calibration and repair, your purchase starts paying you back immediately. And now, Crystal instruments last even longer in harsh environments, with new materials and an IP-67 rating on most field units. Above all, we believe in making things simple. Everything we make is easy to use and task-configurable, so you work and train faster. You might not even need a manual.


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United States

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