Aramco brats is a nickname applied to the children of (mainly expatriate) employees of Saudi Aramco oil company, some of whom may have been born in Saudi Arabia and others who came with their parents later in childhood.

The name applies equally to children who lived and attended school in any of the four main Saudi Aramco expatriate compounds: Dhahran, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq, and Udhailiyah, all but one located in the Eastern Province of the kingdom. In nationality, they may be United States citizens, Canadians, Europeans (of various nationalities), Arab (of various nationalities including Saudi), Indians, Pakistanis and a smattering of other mainly Asian nationalities. Saudi Aramco being over 75 years old, Aramco "brats" may range in age from their 70's to their teens.

Typical of other third culture childrenmilitary brats, Missionary Kids, diplomatic brats — Aramco brats have developed a separate bi-cultural identity as a result of growing up abroad and an unusual sense of cohesion and loyalty evidenced by the existence of a "Bratchat" email listserv on which many Aramco brats keep in touch with each other, and, especially, biennial reunions ("Brat Reunions"), normally held in a various locations throughout the United States (although attendees may come from other nations). The number of Saudi Aramco "brats" who are Saudi nationals has increased steadily since the company became totally owned by the Saudi government in the late 1970s, however, and it remains to be seen whether these children will continue to view themselves primarily as "Aramco brats" with connections to other non-Saudi "brats" or as "Saudis" pure and simple.

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