This is a description of BP's cementing practice in 2008. It was believed to be the integrity of the cement job that caused the ultimate Macondo blowout.

  1. Every well shall have a cementing program in which the following have been considered:
    • Structural integrity including long term corrosion
    • Zonal isolation
    • Future abandonment
  2. Prior to each cementing operation, representative samples of cement, additives and mixing water to be used shall be taken and tested according to ISO requirements(or BP specified testing regime).
  3. In locations where supplies are intermittent, a minimum supply of cement and cement and additives shall be kept on the drilling site. The volumes shall be at least enough to set appropriate isolation plugs in the current hole size.
  4. All cementing equipment shall be maintained according to suppliers maintenance schedules and pressure retaining equipment shall have appropriate certification.
  5. The predicted pressures (surface and downhole during cementing should be reviewed, assessing any risk of overpressuring surface equipment, initiating losses or under balancing the well.
  6. High pressure cementing equipment shall only be operated by trained personnel.
  7. Density of all fluids pumped during the cement job should be confirmed during cementing operations.