This is the Section 2 of BP Drilling and Well Operations Practice, Part A, titled "General".


  1. All drilling and well operations shall be planned and performed in compliance with applicable BP and Strategic Performance Unit (SPU) policies. These may include, but are not limited to, policies on health, safety and the environment; ethical conduct; employees; relationships; and control and finance.
  2. All drilling and well operations shall be planned and performed in compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations. All applicable governmental permits shall be obtained (air quality, annular injection, drilling. etc) prior to the commencement of operations.
  3. Priorities for safety when planning and undertaking drilling and well operations shall be, in order of importance:
    1. Personnel.
    2. Environment.
    3. The installation.
    4. Reservoir integrity.
    5. Well delivery.
  4. Clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities shall be established for all positions within the drilling and well operations organisations.
  5. A well handover system formalizing the transfer of responsibility for the control of a well between different organisational units, and that documents well conditions, shall be in place.
  6. Transportation services in support of drilling and well operations shall be in accordance with the relevant SPU and BP policies.
  7. Detailed policy statements are contained elsewhere within this document for specific activities. If an Engineering Technical Practices (ETP) is referenced, then the ETP is the policy document, if no ETP is referenced then this is the policy document.
  8. Detailed requirements for certain specialized activities, such as underbalanced drilling, air drilling, coiled tubing drilling, snubbing and certain developing technologies are specifically not included in this practice. Wells teams shall consider such specialized activities in context with the practices. and shall not be undertaken without a thorough review of industry experience and BP best practice and a detailed external review of the planned operations and contingencies after thorough risk assessment.


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