Baker Hughes INTEQ is among the world's leading oilfield drilling and evaluation service companies. INTEQ was formed from the legacy companies of Eastman Christensen, Teleco MWD, Milchem and EXLOG, which were acquired by Baker Hughes Incorporated in the late 1980s. These trade names were dropped in favour of INTEQ, which was originally coined to emphasize on the company's marketing campaign where it 'Integrated Technology' (from the various legacy companies) which would stand out on 'Quality'.

INTEQ also originally incorporated the drilling fluids division of Baker Hughes which consisted of Milpark and others. This division was called 'INTEQ drilling fluids' which provided the premier brands in oil & gas well drilling muds and wellbore cleaning fluids. In 2003, these product lines were spun off to form the separate entity of Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids (BHDF), with INTEQ continuing as the Drilling and Evaluation (D&E) company. INTEQ provides directional Drilling, MWD/LWD, surface logging (Mudlogging) and coring services. The now rapidly dying business of wellbore surveying is also a part of INTEQ whose main competitor is Sperry Drilling Services.

INTEQ's main competitors are Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements (previously known as Anadril), Sperry Drilling services (part of the Halliburton group) and Pathfinder Energy services (breakaway of Halliburton). Weatherford recently acquired a smaller player Precision Drilling Systems which is gaining market share on account of its higher temperature endurance tools.

The company's flagship brand has been the AutoTrak rotary steerable drilling system which was a pioneering directional drilling tool and has been responsible for the company's relatively strong market share in the past few years. Introduced in 1997 with Agip S.p.A., the tool is fundamentally different compared to contemporary rivals such as the PowerDrive and the GeoPilot employing the hybrid technique 1 of "pushing and pointing (vectoring) the bit" rather than only "pointing the bit" or only "pushing the bit".2


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