Hercules 265 blowout fire, Photo: U.S. Coast Guard
Post-fire photo of Hercules 265 jackup drill rig in South Timbalier Block 220, taken July 25, 2013. Photo from BSEE.

Around midday on July 23 2013, a natural gas blowout occurred at the Hercules 265 jackup drilling rig, operating in shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico by Hercules Offshore at a well owned by Walter Oil and Gas corporation off the coast of Louisiana (South Timbalier Block 220). All of the 40+ workers were safely evacuated. The rig was subsequently covered in a cloud of natural gas and caught on fire around 11 pm at night the same day. The fire partially collapsed the platform and was confirmed to be out on July 25th possibly due to the well caved in and sealed itself downhole. A small sheen was reported around the platform.

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