Sedimentary Petrology 01: Overview and origin of sediment.

This video lecture series on Sedimentary Petrology (Undergraduate course GY 402) was made by Dr. Douglas W. Haywick from the Department of Earth Sciences at University of South Alabama.

Applications of Sedimentary Petrology

Sedimentary Petrology is used in:

  • Petroleum exploration/production
  • Environmental geology/hydrology
  • Remote sensing (soil analysis)
  • Marine geology
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Biology (substrate in seagrass beds; coral ecology)
  • Archaeology (lithics analysis)
  • Engineering (material testing, seawall protection)

Origin of sediment

  • Siliciclastic
  • Volcaniclastic (primary deposition)
  • Carbonate (in situ mostly biogenic)
  • Chemical (evaporite/hydrothermal)

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