Sedimentary Petrology 04: Sedimentary rock classification - Part 2.

This video lecture series on Sedimentary Petrology (Undergraduate course GY 402) was made by Dr. Douglas W. Haywick from the Department of Earth Sciences at University of South Alabama.


  • Why bother with sedimentary rock classification
  • Siliciclastic sedimentary rock schemes
  • Volcaniclastic sedimentary rock schemes
  • Carbonate rock schemes

Sedimentary rock classification

Particle type specific

  • Siliciclastic sedimentary rocks (quartz, feldspars, clays, lithic fragements, micas, etc.)
  • Shales and mudstones (grain to "matrix" content)
  • Volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks (vitric fragments and ash, phenocrysts, lithics)
  • Carbonate sedimentary rocks (skeletal grains, non-skeletal grains and matrix)
  • Organic sedimentary rocks (kerogen content, coal grade, etc.)

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