Shell Process Safety Behaviors ---Our assets are safe and we know it

  1. Comply with standards, manage and track deviations.
  2. Think thoroughly through hazards, barriers and effectiveness across interfaces.
  3. Manage low probability, but high consequence events.
  4. Demonstrate leadership by active participation in design reviews such as HAZIDS, HAZOPs, etc.
  5. Manage change rigorously, all the way through Project hand over.
  6. Learn from history, nurture curiosity, and when in doubt seek a 2nd option.
  7. Ensure the right capabilities and competencies in Project Team.
  8. Remember someone has to build it and someone has to start it up and operate it.
  9. Create and maintain a culture of chronic unease. Fight complacency.
  10. Actively manage the tension between TQ delivery and safety in design and execution.
  11. Effectively manage the risk of harm to people and the environment due to release or ignition of hydrocarbons.