Subsea Capex

Based on Douglas-Westwood’s “The Global Offshore Report,” the global
File:Subsea Capex and Opex Distribution by Geographical Area (Douglas-Westwood).png
Subsea Capex and Opex Distribution by Geographical Area (Douglas-Westwood)
subsea CAPEX and OPEX in 2009 was about $250 billion and will Subsea CAPEX and OPEX Distribution by
File:Deepwater Subsea Capex Breakdown.png
Deepwater Subsea Capex Breakdown
Geographical Area (Douglas- Westwood be $350 billion in 2013.
File:Shallow-Water Subsea Capex Breakdown.png
Shallow-Water Subsea Capex Breakdown
The major cost components of subsea CAPEX are equipment, testing, installation, and commissioning. The key cost drivers for subsea CAPEX are number of wells, water depth, pressure rating, temperature rating, materials requirement, and availability of an installation vessel. Subsea cost refers to the cost of the whole project, which generally includes the capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operation expenditures (OPEX) of the subsea field development.


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