File:Typical SCMMB (Courtesy of FMC).png
Typical SCMMB (Courtesy of FMC)

The SCMMB is the interface between the SCM and the subsea Christmas tree/manifold valves and remote sensors. It is usually a welded structure, bolted and earth bonded to the frame of a subsea tree or manifold. The vertical face on the side of the SCMMB is the interface with the incoming connections: electrical couplers for power and signals as well as the hydraulic couplers for low-pressure (LP) and high-pressure (HP) supplies. The SCMMB will have course alignment and fine alignment adjustments for locating the SCM. For fine location via a guide pin, the SCM will not land if the orientation is incorrect. For self-aligning SCMs, a central helix will automatically rotate the SCM to the correct orientation before it is able to land.


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