Marc Archibald

Marc Archibald [Linked In profile]

Current Position: Scale Specialist at Clariant Oil Services

Consultancy services and management of EMEA and globally originated technical projects in the field of oilfield scale, providing support and mentoring to senior and development chemist level members of the scale team in delivering EMEA operational and innovation scale projects.

I also provide support to sales/ operational teams in the area of scale and scale management, including product trouble shooting, scale squeeze designs/ monitoring, direct customer support and provision of scale management solutions to enhance the services delivered to the EMEA client base.

I act in providing a key support function and deputy for the EMEA Scale Group Manager with respect to supervision of training, technical support, technical/ equipment trouble shooting, ESHA aspect of laboratory work and quality of technical reports and adherence to ISO9001, etc.

I assist with the ownership of scale product line management for the EMEA portfolio – this involves ensuring the correct technical information is available for products, feeding into the overall marketing strategy.

Education: BSc.(Hons.) Chemistry, University of Aberdeen (1995 - 1999)