Target audience for this alert

  • All site construction and maintenance staff

What happened

During project works at a Retail site, a contractor performing line works was carrying rough cut galvanised pipe to the threading machine. A burr on the cut end of the pipe pierced the contractor’s glove and cut into his right hand ring finger.

Why it happened

  • The pipe had not been de-burred.
  • The contractor placed his fingers inside the 4” pipe when lifting, not identifying the sharp exposed burr that caused the cut.
  • A JSA was in place for pipe work and pipe threading, but did not include specific safe work practices for de-burring or pipe handling.
  • Suitable gloves were being worn for handling the pipe however they were not sufficient to protect the wearer from the hazard.

Lessons learned

  • Remove all sharp edges as soon as practical after cutting pipes. De-burr all cut pipe ends not just the piece you are going to use.
  • JSA/SWMS should detail correct de-burring and pipe handling methods for the task.
  • Ensure appropriate manual handling techniques are used when handling pipe and Take 5 and apply Barrier Thinking to identify any additional hazards associated with the task.
  • Elimination is always the preferred method to control hazards. PPE is the last line of defence and least effective in avoiding an injury.