The following main parameters need to be determined by means of a system power demand analysis for subsea electrical power system and communication design:

  • Voltage at subsea electronic module (SEM) for maximum and minimum SEM power loads;
  • Voltages at each SEM at maximum and minimum numbers of subsea control modules (SCMs) on the subsea electrical distribution line;
  • Voltages at SEM at minimum and maximum designed umbilical lengths;
  • Voltages at SEM at cable parameters for dry and wet umbilical insulation;
  • Minimum and maximum subsea power requirements;
  • Maximum current load;
  • Topsides electrical power unit power factor versus SCM voltage.

A communication analysis is to be conducted to determine the minimum specifications of SCM and master control station (MCS) modems:

  • Modem transmit level;
  • Modem receive sensitivity;
  • Modem source/load impedance.

See also


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